Grant Writing management & evaluation

In the competitive healthcare landscape, it is vital for organizations to understand funding opportunities and be responsive to the requirements of funders. CR has first-hand knowledge and expertise prioritizing viable grant opportunities based on an individual community’s needs. CR identifies grant opportunities based on our strategic planning activities and helps organizations identify and respond to funding opportunities. The CR team navigates the grant application process from beginning to end:
  • Identifying the funding opportunity: Establishing the funding source based on community need including eligibility and funding match requirements, competitive nature of the opportunity, timelines and proposal review criteria.
  • Constructing the proposal: The grant writing team becomes an extension of the respective organization in order to capture the full scope of the mission, culture, needs and service delivery objectives. This is a vital element in developing the highest quality and competitive application to ensure funding is obtained
  • Program implementation: Once the funding has been granted, CR taps into its extensive program implementation and design abilities to assist the organization’s leadership, ensuring that activities outlined in the grant are successfully executed
  • Evaluation and Reporting: Program milestones are established through the quality assurance component of the program and funding source. Our quality assurance experts ensure that all requirements and expectations are successfully achieved and reported to the funders and community stakeholders, including consumers of services.