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Founded in 2002, Collaborative Research is a strategic planning health care firm dedicated to supporting local public health, social-service, and community-based organizations.

With a primary focus on the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Extension Act, CR’s services also specialize in health disparity issues such as: housing, mental health, substance use, homelessness, and poverty.

Knowledge of the Ryan White System of Care 

Collaborative Research has worked in partnership with 20 Ryan White Part A programs; eight Ryan White Part B programs; 10 Ryan White Part C programs; seven Ryan White Part D programs; and three Ryan White Part F programs. The CR team has a combined 85 years’ worth of Ryan White experience.

Knowledge of Client / Patient Satisfaction Survey Process 

Over the past 17 years, Collaborative Research has conducted over 75 client survey projects delivering actionable results to local stakeholders that positively impact HIV service delivery.

Knowledge of Quality Improvement Principles and Processes

Collaborative Research has served as the Clinical Quality Improvement consultants for 8 Ryan White Part A programs and 3 Ryan White Part B programs.

CR conducts annual quality assurance monitoring activities; quality improvement recommendations based on quality assurance activities; and supports the overall Quality Improvement activities of Ryan White Recipients (AA). CR is extremely knowledgeable of the Health Resources Services Administration (HRSA)-HIV/AIDS Bureau’s (HAB) quality improvement principles and processes.

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