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Collaborative Research has a wealth of experience gathering and presenting data to all audiences that comprise the various community stakeholders. CR is an expert on Federal funding sources (e.g. HHS, CDC, SAMHSA, etc) and possesses insights and expertise into funding objectives and the funding mandates to ensure successful implementation and management of programs.


Our commitment to our partners is clear: we strive to collect and deliver quality data so that our partners can make informed decisions to impact positive health outcomes for underserved individuals in their communities.


CR has a proud history of developing long-term and enduring strategic partnerships as well as a national reputation for delivering actionable results to local stakeholders that positively impact HIV service delivery.

Since its inception in 2002, CR's goal has never changed: To develop deep-rooted partnerships and position our clients for the most advantageous funding outcomes possible based on sound data-analysis, strategic planning and execution.

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