Ryan white hiv/aids service delivery

The Ryan White Treatment Extension Act is a federally funded HIV/AIDS Program designed to provide HIV medical and support services to low income, uninsured or under-insured HIV+ individuals.

Since its inception in 2003, CR has collaborated and supported 20 Ryan White Part A programs; 8 Ryan White Part B programs; 10 Ryan White Part C programs;7 Ryan White Part D programs; and 3 Ryan White Part F programs.


  • Recipient Policy and Procedure development and technical assistance
  • Sub-Recipient training and technical assistance
  • Integrated Comprehensive Strategic Plan Development, Implementation and Evaluation
  • Develop, Assess, Refine and Implement Service Standards
  • HIV Care Continuum evaluation and strategy development to increase community viral suppression rates
  • Quality Assurance monitoring activities
  • CR has developed and innovative and cutting-edge Quality Assurance monitoring process for Ryan White entities. Our model incorporates fiscal, programmatic, universal and Service Standard compliance as outlined in Ryan White legislation and local contracts and policies and procedures
  • Assessment of service category allocations, impact and utilization
  • Annual grant application
  • Planning Councils’ Comprehensive Needs Assessments
  • Planning Council Priority Setting and Resource Allocation development and facilitation
  • CR has developed a nationally recognized PSRA methodology often cited by HRSA a strengthen in annual Part A grant applications
  • Planning Council Administration and Support
  • Planning Council Assessments of the Administrative Agent
  • Planning Council By-Law assessment and refinement
  • Planning Council Memorandum of Understanding development
  • Planning Council Trainings and Technical Assistance
  • Planning Council Directives to Recipient creation, refinement and evaluation
  • PLWH Consumer Forums and Trainings