Our Team

Jeff S. Daniel, MIJ

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Jeff has twenty years’ worth of experience in the HIV/AIDS field, primarily…

Sara Seaburg, BS

Senior Consultant

Sara is a consumer-focused professional who not only brings a diverse skill set to…

Lorie Pate, ACAS

Chief Financial Officer

Lorie brings a strong financial background to Collaborative Research. She worked for eleven years as a pricing actuary…

Thomas Rodriguez-Schucker, MBA, MAEd.

Senior Vice President
of Client Services

Thomas brings more than 10 years’ experience working…

Michael Koran, BS

Ryan White Quality Assurance Manager

Michael has three years of Ryan White experience. Past projects have focused on…

Deryk Jackson, BS


Deryk brings a variety of knowledge and skills ranging from research and grants management…

John Sapero, BS, MS


Since his HIV diagnosis in 1989, John has been a leader in local and national HIV planning, education, service delivery and advocacy…

Daniel Truesdale, BA, MFA

Digital Marketing Director,
Ending the HIV Epidemic

Danny brings twenty years of diverse design experience on variety of projects ranging from scientific research documentaries for UNESCO, website design and development…

Melissa Rodrigo, MPA

Deputy Director,
Ending the HIV Epidemic

Melissa Rodrigo is the former Deputy Director of HIV Services for the Cleveland Ryan White Part A, Cuyahoga County’s Ending the HIV Epidemic and Northeast Ohio’s HIV prevention programs.